No flu shot this year? Or said ‘yes’ to the flu shot? Start prevention now!

If you have already decided that the flu shot is not for you, read on.

If you have decided that you need the injection this year, I totally support your decision. It is obvious that some people’s risk factors require this extra level of protection. Yet the following advice may still be relevant as the flu shot does not come with any guarantee that it will work completely.

In Chinese medicine, preparing for a problem is considered superior than being caught be surprise by the trouble.

What can you do?
Science and Chinese medicine agree – your immune system is influenced by diet, exercise emotions and genetics. Try googling “psychoneuroimmunology.” But science is not yet developed enough to establish how well things are working until you get challenged with a germ. Your own intuition and experience is frequently an important guide in this case.

How can Chinese medicine help?
Chinese medicine is able to look at the individual and understand what works well and what is weak even before symptoms arise. All returning patients of mine can come in for a free cold/ flu-prevention planning session. We will review your current situation and see what areas need support to limit illness during cold and flu season.

Some people need herbs, some just need an adjustment to their diet or pattern of exercise. Some need acupuncture. Some need help through a new stress. Individualized care has as many solutions as there are human situations.

For many of my returning patients, who have taken my advice over the years, they don’t need to change a thing and can look forward to staying healthy during the cold weather.

If you have not been in to see me before, give me a call on my mobile (541) 228-4822 and I’ll do my best to answer any questions you have.

No matter what you decide to do, I wish the best of health this season!