Try this simple way to reduce colitis, IBS, weight gain, metabolic syndrome.


Emulsifiers may possibly be causing or promoting your symptoms, especially E466 (carboxymethylcellulose) and E433 (polysorbate-80).  See reference below.

Research findings in mice do not always apply to humans, and good science needs to reproduced independently before coming to firm conclusions.  But the latest research about emulsifiers in food suggests such a simple, cost effective diet change that I think we can try this experiment on ourselves.  Try a few weeks to months avoiding foods that contain either of these additives.  See how you feel.  You are at absolutely no medical risk if you try this, there is no nutritional value to these E numbers.  The only risk is you may have to change ice cream brand or similar.

This approach follows some very sensible advice  –

If you do not recognize the ingredients in the list on your packaged food or if they sound like chemical names, don’t eat it.

Follow this standard and with very few exceptions you will be eating whole foods.  While its possible that some additives are safe, the research is rarely sufficient for people at risk for inflammatory disorders.  The E numbers mentioned above have been “approved” for years but the fine, detailed research is obviously still happening.  Since these additives are not crucial to sustain life there is no real point in consuming them.  The take home message is that when it comes to the food industry, approval happens faster than research.


Dietary emulsifiers impact the mouse gut microbiota promoting colitis and metabolic syndrome