About Zachary

Zachary’s teachers have taught him that “the Patient is the Master.”  This idea suggests that memorized plans and preconceived ideas about how to treat a disease or injury must always give way to the individual reality that the patient presents with.  This includes incorporating the patient’s own intuition into clinical decision making.  Like young grasses weighed down by snow, his problem solving methods are flexible and adaptable, yet strong in the core and rooted at the base.

Zachary originally practiced in California as an acupuncturist, herbalist and massage therapist.  His previous career was as a molecular biologist at a drug research facility under the Veteran’s Administration.  He was a faculty member in the Classical Chinese Medicine department at the Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine.  He gave his first acupuncture treatments in 1999 and has practiced in Oregon since 2005.

His 4 year full-time study required practitioners to be formally grounded in all areas of Classical Chinese Medicine: acu-moxibustion, herbology, medical Qi Gong and Asian bodywork.  Zachary’s training also required 1000 hours formal training by MD’s, psychologists, PT’s and nurse practitioners to fully understand the diagnosis and treatment patients receive from Western Biomedicine and allied fields.

His school provided a syncretic approach, grounded in the ancient disciplines but imbued with the modern interpretations of the classics as used by doctors in Shanghai and Beijing for modern situations. The classics had no references to post-surgical complications, herb-drug interactions or medication side effects, so over the last 60 years contemporary training has adapted to become effective at helping patients in such technologically complex health situations.

Zachary’s training was a cultural integration that took the best of the ancient disciplines from China, Japan, India and Tibet and makes them available to modern, urban patients.  Not just by his application of technique, but by forming a partnership with the patient based on clear, mutual understanding and co-effort.

Zachary serves patients needing either an alternative or a compliment to Western Medicine.  He will design a treatment plan that not only deals with symptoms, but will also teach you how to prevent the return of the problems.  He will meet you where you are at, and help you get to where you want to go.