Advantages to working with a one-on-one provider in a private setting

Private sessions = better results 

Running healthy

Total costs needed to heal are minimized by surrounding the issue with goal setting, evaluation and a multimodal approach.

There are lots of ways to practice this medicine, I have found my approach to be the most satisfying for people who truly want their symptoms rapidly eliminated or reduced enough for them to achieve their own life goals.  The diversity of acupuncture practices is a strength in the profession as a whole, but I feel my approach offers the following advantages ~

  • I have the time to make an accurate diagnosis. Otherwise I am only making an estimate, ‘throwing in some needles’ and hoping for the best.  One needs the right amount of information to make the right diagnosis, and in a private session confidentiality is guaranteed.
  • My practice is amongst the very few that guide patients through clinical goal setting.  I always try to answer “What is a reasonable result in a reasonable amount of time for us to feel comfortable that we are on the right track towards major improvement?”
  • I take the time to learn ways of evaluating progress that work for you.  I ask “If you were 30%  to 50% better what would that actually look like to a fly on the wall?”  In other words, are there any objective metrics we can use as our goal-posts?   Standard medical evaluations tools are preferred but not always useful in the beginning as we are measuring small changes at that point.   Also many patients with chronic issues have difficulty using the standard questionnaires.  My favorite example is hay-fever causing a runny nose – I take the time to keep a note of how many tissues you use per day.  A very convenient number – if pollen count has stayed the same but you have gone from 2 packs a day to one or two tissues per day – this is clear evidence of benefit.
  • Acupuncture is only one of many tools.  Acupuncture is powerful, but sometimes it needs the right dosage that many westerners do not have time for, if used stand-alone.  In a single appointment that week with a one-on-one setting, we have time to treat both the front of the body and the back points; write an individually designed herbal prescription; or provide body-work; or otherwise provide service beyond acupuncture allowed within our scope.  In China, for say, chronic pain, a patient would receive acupuncture, massage and be taught therapeutic exercise to stimulate healing.  One must occasionally surround the issue from many angles to finish the project.
  • Private sessions make for greater patient empowerment. I want you to get to a place where the complaint no longer needs treatment, when ever possible.  As I spend time with you, I can see the best way to introduce self-care options like nutrition or exercise.  If I did not have the time to get to learn about your life situation, I cannot offer a self-care regimen that will work for you.  I may not even be aware that something is actually causing the problem in the first place.  A good example is a skin rash – many patients have the prescription for a steroid in their pocket, or have tried alternative approaches but I take the time to ask ‘Is the family using any new laundry or beauty products?’  I have helped people thus actually avoid any need for treatment.
  • Patients show greater, more stable improvement more rapidly when all of the above come together.  In the best traditions of the Chinese Medical Classics, I want to ‘graduate’ my patients from needing care.  I have met many people who say that their previous acupuncture experience was very relaxing but it did not really help their main issue for more than a couple hours or a couple days.  Most people can get a better result than this if we spend the time required for me properly address the situation.
  • I feel I am in a better position to catch any medical ‘red flag’ symptoms.  During initial evaluation and any re-evaluation, I may see signs and symptoms that warrant a return to western biomedicine for an evaluation.  Rare, but important to catch if they arise.  Sometimes these can be subtle indications, but because I am focussed on you as we work together, I can see changes in the vary early stages.  I have referred back to bio-medicine for several issues including rheumatoid arthritis, hyperthyroidism, pneumonia, skin cancer and have even caught early intestinal tortions before they have become dangerous.   I take the ‘above all do no harm’ philosophy very seriously.