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Covid-19 epidemic and I am still open March 26, 2020

I am still open by appointment ONLY.
Please feel free to call anytime, even Sundays, for the at least the next 2-3 weeks.

In fact as of March 20, 2020 Public Health staff have thanked me for
staying open to provide my services to the community.
People in an emergency still need help to function at their best, so I can do no less.

I am following Lane County and OHA guidelines as to infection control with use of re-usable PPE and only seeing necessary cases in person.  Please be advised that I have extensive training in my earlier career a research biologist and am very skilled at contamination control having been trained for both radiological and biological contamination.  

Here's the plan:

Assuming you have no

fever            recent body aches          acute diarrhea          acute nausea
recent loss of taste or smell          cough            sore throat

AND are 7 days from onset of sx and/ or 72 hours from the end of all your symptoms (which ever is longer), and also, those 72 hours are with NO use of fever reducers or other medicine for your symptoms.

You are welcome to call  for an appointment if you feel that your symptoms of pain, anxiety or any other symptoms:

  • are getting in the way of properly taking care of yourself or your family at this time.

  • are getting in the way of doing your job as an essential worker such as medical, first responder, medical transport at any level.

  • you are worried about already feeling weak or otherwise feel that your immune system could use a boost.

Some examples:
Allergies: itchy eyes/ runny nose makes it too difficult to stop touching your face.
Back pain, headaches, IBS etc: makes it difficult to perform job, chores or child care.
Severe stress: making it difficult to get the correct amount of sleep; too difficult to think and plan properly, or maintain social distancing due to severe anxiety, relationship emotional stress from home life.
Other disease states: Most commonly so far - if you are diabetic or hypertensive and the situation is causing your problem to worsen, eg from stress or emotional eating of sugar and salt.

When coming for your appointment

  • It will be best for us to check in with your symptoms via cell phone just before you come in for your treatment.  This will limit talking and spreading aerosols and large droplets.
  • Please try to wear a homemade surgical mask or scarf for any other conversation we need to have once you are in the office.
  • I will be wearing homemade surgical mask. I am using disposable pillow cases, double table paper and each table is washed with soap and water, dried and then a CDC List N approved SARS-Cov-2 disinfectant is used and then cleaned with 70% isopropyl alcohol. 
  • Other surfaces such as elevator button, door handles, and the other common surfaces will be similarly treated after each patient.  The building management is using disinfectant on the ground floor surfaces such as the elevator buttons every 30 min.

If you want immune boosting advice, herbs, on the phone emotional support or counseling, you may call my cell anytime.
To prevent spammers grabbing my number off this site and telemarketing me all day,  the number is presented below in a way that will hopefully deter bad actors.  Please use this site's contact page if this tactic on the line below is too confusing:

five - four - 0ne- t00 - too - eight - for - ate - too - too


If you have symptoms mentioned above or know that you have been exposed to coronavirus, I am not currently able to handle in person appointments at the moment due to Public Health request to limit PPE use to hospitals etc.  If I had the gear I would be right in there with you, my apologies for the limitation.  As the equipment situation improves I will be looking to offer more services.