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Covid prevention protocol for in-person care

Keeping you safe is my top priority. 
The sooner we all take the pandemic seriously, the sooner it will all be over!

Please arrive and leave on time for your appointment, so patients do not meet in the waiting room and I have the time I need to get ready.

  • When you arrive, I will screen you with the usual questions and take your temperature.  New patients will need to sign a Covid-19 informed consent form if they want me to treat them that day.  A hard copy of this form is used (the picture below is just for information).
  • If your mask does does not fit properly or is of poor engineering quality I will provide you with a proper mask.
  • Between appointments I use a cleaner on surfaces l then  a CDC approved decontamination product, usually Cavicide depending on availability.  I also clear all the air in the office, both after a patient and if I have been doing paperwork in the office by myself.  If we are running over time I may ask you to leave promptly for me to get started getting ready for the next patient, I really appreciate your patience with this.  
  • I have had 2 doses of the Moderna vaccine in Jan/ Feb of 2021.  I still use masks as the research on variants is still on going.  

Zachary B. Corbett, L.Ac.
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Eugene, OR. 97401
Phone: (541) 686-9424