Traditional Chinese Medicine

Time, Detail, Compassion and Respect

You will receive a holistic, drug and surgery free approach to your chief complaint that is based on the full scope of the practice of Chinese Medicine in Oregon, which is briefly described below.

My patients do not feel like they are in a medical “factory” that leaves them feeling rushed and confused. You will be listened to. Your questions will be answered, your calls returned promptly by myself. If you wish, I will be happy to integrate care with any of your other health professionals – M.D., D.C., P.T., LCSW, etc.

In many conditions acupuncture may not be needed or even indicated. So don’t worry – needle phobic patients are welcome!

Treatment regimens will always be designed with your scheduling and financial concerns in mind.

The scope of practice for L.Ac.’s is quite broad –

Other methods may be used in place of or in tandem with acupuncture as needed.


acupunctureAcupuncture treatments usually last from 10 to 30 minutes. The session is so relaxing that many patients fall asleep during the treatment. Apart from reducing symptoms, the treatment leaves a sense of calm well-being in the body that lasts for hours or days after the session.

Chinese Herbal Formulas

Decoctions are specially designed for each individual patient’s condition. Intensity of symptoms, constitutional strength and prescribed medications are all accounted for to maximize efficacy and safety. Herbs used are from Taiwan.


The famous sister-therapy to acupuncture. A gentle heat from either an herbal source or TDP mineral lamp is used to activate the acupuncture points, soothe tension and stop pain.

Tui Na


Chinese deep tissue massage with advanced acupressure techniques. Tendon realignment, fascial restructuring. “Acupuncture without needles.”

Diet and Nutrition

An herbology of everyday food stuffs. Counseling and coaching through the cooking methods, ingredients, vitamins and supplements indicated to help treat your complaint.

Sho Ni Shin

A gentle meridian activation technique designed by the Japanese for children.