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Mission Statement

My mission is to use my training, scope of practice and experience
in the most compassionate and effective manner
to help people reduce, eliminate and prevent
health challenges that are of concern to them.

I will always seek to find the care plan that resolves your problem as quickly as possible.

Help will be provided by treatment plans that optimize
clinical effectiveness
cost effectiveness

Everyone of any age may seek care at my practice.
Respect and patient-centered care will be provided regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, political opinion, gender and any personal gender/ non binary preference.
I am only here to help your exploration of how to solve human problems, and not to judge.

Treatment plans will be designed
to optimize flexibility with the patient's time and resources in mind
to optimize flexibility when co-ordinating with other medical care

Patients will set the clinical goals that we are working towards, they are welcome to my input on goal setting as and when they feel they would like the discussion.
I support any medical intervention that meets the above criteria.
I will always refer you to another provider if it is clear that you need help from many sources
to both stay safe and to meet your clinical goals.

Zachary treats babies and infants

Zachary helps professional athletes of all races

Zachary helps families of all ages and races

Zachary B. Corbett, L.Ac.
132 East Broadway, Suite 312,
Eugene, OR. 97401
Phone: (541) 686-9424