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About Zachary

Zachary has been in practice since 2001.  He has been practicing Japanese Style Acupuncture for 9 years.

Zachary originally practiced in California as an acupuncturist, herbalist and massage therapist.  His previous career was in molecular biology at a drug research facility at the Veteran’s Administration/ UCLA.  He was a lecturer and faculty member at the Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine. He gave his first acupuncture treatments in 1999 and has practiced in Oregon since 2005.

Zachary serves patients needing either an alternative to or an integration with bio-medical care.  He will design a treatment plan that not only deals with symptoms, but will also teach you how to prevent the return of the problems.  He will meet you where you are at, and help you get to where you want to go with your health.

In 2017 he proposed an integrated acupuncture clinic to the Community Health Centers of Lane County to help with chronic pain and the opioid crisis for people with medicaid coverage.  The clinic opened in October 2017.  Zachary has provided thousands of treatments to Lane County citizens, mostly for chronic pain and various types of chronic trauma.  He still works at that clinic on Tuesdays, working closely with patients' PCPs and behavioral health providers to deliver the best all around care possible.  In 2020 Zachary became a team member of the Brookside clinic's OHSU/ Oregon Pain Guidance supervised PINPOINT project aimed at care for patients using higher than 20 MME per day. 

In March 2021, Zachary was appointed to the Oregon Pain Management Commission of the Oregon Health Authority for a 4 year term.  This commission reports to the Governor and Legislative Assembly and selects 19 medical providers from hundreds of applicants all over the state.  The commission works on behalf of patients with pain to improve their care at the levels of research, training for medical providers of all types, patient education, policy analysis and also coordination with other task forces working to help this population of patients.  

Zachary has studied for many years with Kiiko Matsumoto and Tsyoshi Shimamura who were themselves senior students of Master Kiyoshi Nagano, one of Japan's premiere blind acupuncturists who practiced well into his 90's.  Zachary has worked for hundreds of hours over the last 5 years (and still does) as a skills instructor for Matsumoto style acupuncture for the training program taught by Monika Kobylecka. L.Ac. from the acupuncture department at the Children's Hospital, Los Angeles.   

He has also taken advanced post-graduate training with other professors such as Dr. Yoshito Mukaino, M.D. (sports medicine) who developed the motion induced somatic response style (aka "M-method") at the Fukuoka Medical School's Sports Medicine Department. 

Zachary travels to Japan regularly to continue learning the latest techniques with other professors.  These conferences are more than just classes in specific techniques but an opportunity to listen to senior professors learn from each other, to learn how they inspire each other and develop new ideas about patient care.  The trips also offer opportunities to discuss cases and research discoveries with practitioners from all over the world.  

Outside of the office,  Zachary spends as much time as possible with his family hiking and camping in the NW.  Usually he's packed along a book of poetry or some research articles to read before the camp wakes up. His favorite pandemic shelter-in-place YouTube channels these days are PBS Space Time, PBS Eons, and Brady Haran's various channels like Sixty Symbols.   


Zachary helping Eugene residents avoid opiates

Zachary studying acupuncture in Japan

Zachary B. Corbett, L.Ac.
132 East Broadway, Suite 312,
Eugene, OR. 97401
Phone: (541) 686-9424